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Our Passion

Thai cuisine truly reflects the way of life and culture of Thai people. In ancient time, the home of large family was traditionally common. They were combined and surrounded by all generations; grandparents, parents and children. Thai foods were then created and prepared to suit this family style with variety of dishes for numbers of members and a mixture of genders and generations. In general, Thai dishes would be served in a tray and shared amongst family members. A tray could be made of in no particular materials depending on what locally available; however, a silver tray was most popular used and considered special for very important occasions and guests. This comes to the name of our restaurant “Silver Tray” where unique and exquisite Thai dishes are cooked and served up at the table in a “Silver Tray” to every customer.

At “Silver Tray”, every customer is our family members. We prepare food by heart to our family with well-selected, fresh and clean ingredients. Several combined Thai dishes and dessert will be beautifully displayed and placed in a gorgeous “Silver Tray” to be served to our beloved family. A customer can feel the cozy and warm family atmosphere right when stepping in the “Silver Tray” restaurant. Our staff will gladly bring a customer delicious Thai food in a “Silver Tray” so that a customer can also experience the most exquisite Thai style of eating in a “Silver Tray” decorated elegantly and of course tastefully.

Truly hope our “Silver Tray” bring you joy of Thai food and unique experience of the Art of eating in a “Silver Tray”.

From “Silver Tray” Family